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Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 09:52:27 EST

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    At 1:30 AM +1100 1/20/04, wrote:
    >My objection is that MS Word draws a very artifical distinction between
    >outlining and lists.

            As it should - there IS a difference...

            Lists serve one purpose - the outline view of a document is another.

            HOWEVER, I agree that many people use the outliner as a list
    manager and NOT as a true outline view of a complex document (because
    Word's implementation of that isn't very good).

    >The idea of hiding text you don't need to see at the momemnt is a good.

            Yes, quite!!

    >In AbiWord we'll just add an extra button to hide the text you don't need
    >to see at the moment.

            And will you also handle style management as well? For
    example, when in outline view, when you indent a Heading 1, it
    becomes Heading 2 (etc.).


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