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Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 09:30:39 EST

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    > At 6:40 PM +1100 1/19/04, wrote:
    >>I hate this word "outline" that MS invented. Lists are lists. There is
    >>definately no need for the stupid "outline" mode they invented either.
    > Outline mode in MSWord may not be well implemented, but it is
    > NOT stupid! The idea of editing/authoring in an outline mode goes
    > back to the 70's/80's (see
    > <>), and is one
    > that I personally subscribe to. It's one of the reasons that I
    > fought for, and then got to implement the outliner in Persuasion
    > (which PowerPoint then stol :(.
    > Also, take a look at <> for some
    > additional comments about outline editing in various fields...

    My objection is that MS Word draws a very artifical distinction between
    outlining and lists. Even worse you have enter a special mode before you
    can actually use many of the features of their lists. (At least in Word 97
    and 2000). I dunno about later products. OOo does the same stupid thing.

    The idea of hiding text you don't need to see at the momemnt is a good.

    In AbiWord we'll just add an extra button to hide the text you don't need
    to see at the moment.


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