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Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 09:46:31 EST

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    > My objection is that MS Word draws a very artifical distinction between
    > outlining and lists. Even worse you have enter a special mode before you
    > can actually use many of the features of their lists. (At least in Word 97
    > and 2000). I dunno about later products. OOo does the same stupid thing.
    > The idea of hiding text you don't need to see at the momemnt is a good.
    > In AbiWord we'll just add an extra button to hide the text you don't need
    > to see at the moment.

    Word outline mode (last time I used it was Word 5 for Mac times, 10 yr
    ago, WinWord 2 was probably almost the same) is based on heading level
    that is associated to the stylesheet.
    So you had:
    Heading 1
            Heading 2
              Some text
            Heading 2
              Some other text
                     Heading 3
                       with text
    Heading 1

    and so on. You could tell not the the "text" completely, you can
    show/hides level, as well as collapse some part.
    One of the stupid things was that it was based on the style sheets....

    Outline mode was just a supplement to Normal and Preview view modes. If
    I have time, I'll send som shots.

    More III was indeed quite a little bit different as it offered Outline
    mode by default and that you really defined outline level, not style
    sheets. And on a side feature, it could generates the slides from that.


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