Re: My development plans.

Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 09:36:30 EST

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    > wrote:
    >> 1. Complete the XP and Unix parts of the Sylist dialog.
    >> 2. Implement Table Of Contents.
    >> 3. Implement Outline "mode".
    >> For 1. the idea is to have a tree view expandable to one level of
    >> hiding.
    >> I plan to have styles grouping of:
    >> a. List Styles
    >> b. Heading Styles.
    >> c. User defined styles.
    >> d. all the others.
    > All sounds wonderful!
    >> For 3. I plan to have a single extra button on the format List dialog.
    >> The
    >> button will say "hide/reveal". The user presses it and if the list is
    >> not
    >> hidden all the blocks between the thos in the list will be hidden.
    >> Pressing "reveal" will reveal it again. I will use Tomas's hidden text
    >> code.
    > I don't quite understand, or it sounds like this is something different
    > than the MS Word approach -- will you only collapse based on list items
    > (vs. collapsing on headings)?

    Within the list dialog open if you press "hide" the text between the list
    items of the current list will disappear. If your cursor is in the overall
    heading list, then everything but the headings will dissappear. If you ina
     sublist of the headings then just the text between items in the
    subheadings will disappear.

    > Will hidden text for Outline mode be distinguishable from text hidden
    > for other reasons, so uncollapsing the outline does not unhide
    > intentionally hidden information?

    Oh right. I'll need to invent another property to distinguish this type of
    hidden from other sorts of hidden. Luckily Tomas has encapsulated all the
    hidden text code within isHidden() functions so it should not be too hard
    to resue all his code.



    > regards,
    > Randy Kramer

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