Re: My development plans.

From: Ruth A. Kramer (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 01:50:16 EST

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    > Within the list dialog open if you press "hide" the text between the list
    > items of the current list will disappear. If your cursor is in the overall
    > heading list, then everything but the headings will dissappear. If you ina
    > sublist of the headings then just the text between items in the
    > subheadings will disappear.

    Ahh, so, if I understand you correctly, headings will be treated as list
    items (at least for the purposes of collapsible outlining)?

    > Oh right. I'll need to invent another property to distinguish this type of
    > hidden from other sorts of hidden. Luckily Tomas has encapsulated all the
    > hidden text code within isHidden() functions so it should not be too hard
    > to resue all his code.


    Randy Kramer

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