Version 0.9.0

Subject: Version 0.9.0
From: sam th (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 09:22:20 CDT

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So far, no AbiWord release has gone into double digit patch version. So,
with 0.7.9 around the corner, I have drawn up a list of things to do for
0.9.0. This is just the list of things from the road-map, plus some
personal suggestions.

- - Finish headers and footers
        With this, page numbering comes mostly for free

- - Tabs Dialog

- - Page Setup Dialog

- - Columns Dialog

- - Break Dialog
        Implemented, but lots of functionality is missing

- - Insert Field
        This is done on Win32. See Fields below

That's it for the roadmap. My suggestions -

- - Lists
        We have a patch for this, and we should try to get it usable.
This is an important feature to have in order for people to take us

- - Fields
        It seems like the fields implementation will change significantly
in the future. Since this may involve file format incompatibility, it
would be better not to have that done post-1.0

- - Online Help (or some form of documentation)
        This should go without saying. We have lots of developer docs
(see my webpage) but none for the end user. This should be fixed (an I
volunteer to start).

Key bugs to fix

- - The bugs with the spell context menu

- - Bug 167

- - Word import bugs (the quotes bug comes to mind)

- - the multiple cursors

- - various nasty crashes

This should keep us busy :-)

                                     sam th
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