Re: Coupla questions on Mac build

Subject: Re: Coupla questions on Mac build
From: Eric W. Sink (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 07:42:15 CDT

> I've just checked out the Mac build again and it looks like some
> things have changed from last time (last time being about two months ago
> =). Anyway my first question involves the following compile error. Where
> is m_pMacApp supposed to come from in this case? I've noticed EV_MacMenu
> and EV_MacToolbar both have privated variables by this name. Should
> AP_MacFrame have one too?
> Error : undefined identifier 'm_pMacApp'
> ap_MacFrame.cpp line 74 AP_FrameData* pData = new AP_FrameData(m_pMacApp);

From what I can tell, XAP_MacFrame should have a member called
m_pMacApp. The Win32 version seems to look this way.

> My second question involves this link error. I'm really not sure
> what the issue is here at all.
> Link Error : undefined
> 'AP_MacDialog_Insert_Symbol::static_constructor(XAP_DialogFactory*,int)'
> (descriptor)
> Referenced from 's_dlg_table' in ap_MacDialogFactory.cpp
> I would really like to be able to test the new Mac code that makes
> it actually run (OK, so it doesn't do anything yet, but at least it doesn't
> hit asserts anymore) before I commit it. =) Thanx in advance. I'd really
> like to get the Mac port to the point where more developers can work on
> individual projects.

I'd have to do more digging to get the answer to this one, but I would
note that anything which involves the Insert Symbol feature is
probably very fresh, new code. :-) Does anyone know how the Mac
portions of the tree were handled when Insert Symbol was checked in?

Eric W. Sink, Software Craftsman
SourceGear Corporation

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