Compling with bcc32 under Windows

Subject: Compling with bcc32 under Windows
From: Harald Fernengel (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 15:57:25 CDT


a while ago I mentioned compiling AbiWord with the free Borland C++
compiler under Win32 as an alternative to Visual C++.

Well, I've gotten quite far now. All the required OBJs and LIBs are
created without compiler errors, but unfortunately the creation of
the main program (AbiWord.EXE) fails and I don't know exactly why
(something with the Resource-Files, I suppose).

I've done most of the "dirty" work already:
- changed the makefiles
- inserted 30-40 typecasts, because BCC is sometimes stricter than
- changed some typedefs BCC didn't like

unfortunately I did this with a source code that is 3-4 weeks old,
so I have to redo most of it with the current source to create a

My Question: Is anyone working on the same problem or willing to
help me? If so, I'll post a patch.


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