Re: Version 0.9.0

Subject: Re: Version 0.9.0
From: Eric W. Sink (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 09:46:01 CDT

> So far, no AbiWord release has gone into double digit patch version. So,
> with 0.7.9 around the corner, I have drawn up a list of things to do for
> 0.9.0.

So you don't think 0.7.10 would be an attractive version number? ;-)

> - - Finish headers and footers
> With this, page numbering comes mostly for free

As long as fields are done, right?

> - - Online Help (or some form of documentation)
> This should go without saying. We have lots of developer docs
> (see my webpage) but none for the end user. This should be fixed (an I
> volunteer to start).

Hmmm. Painful though it might be, this one looks like something which
could slip from 0.9.0, IMHO. I'm not saying that we don't need online
help. BTW, I assume you meant that you would volunteer to start on
the English version, right? ;-)

> - - Bug 167

<laugh/> I hadn't read the bugzilla page for this bug in quite a
while. Any bug which inspires the reporting of FIVE duplicate bugs
certainly deserves a close look.

Eric W. Sink, Software Craftsman
SourceGear Corporation

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