Re: strings to .po

Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 04:18:21 EST

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    Raphael Finkel wrote:
    > (4) For those languages where this problem occurs, work from the
    > .strings file instead of the .po file. Advantage: Separation works.
    > Disadvantages: It is harder to keep up with changes to the source,
    > which often rewords messages, removes obsolete messages, and introduces
    > new messages.

    I use '' script (attached) which is modification of the
    '' from CVS with a simple .sh script (attached) -- it
    solves mentioned problems as it creates a strings table file for disired
    strings files only.
    I wrote it for my temp use only, but it works and I would like to share
    this idea.

    Andrzej Pruszynski
    aka donkiszot -> Linux#270512

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