Re: Commit: ispell and enchant support both nn and no

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 03:15:50 EST

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     --- Torstein Sunde <>
    wrote: > Dom Lachowicz wrote:
    > > > But that is wrong. no_NO is the old name for
    > > > nb_NO and NOT for nn_NO.
    > > >
    > > > Don't use 'no' - it is deprecated!
    > >
    > > It isn't wrong; it's just outdated, and I say
    > > we'll support it for now. Especially since it
    > > doesn't hurt any code, performance, or otherwise.
    > But it then would be appropriate to interpret
    > "no_NO" and "no" as "nb_NO" ("Norwegian Bokmaal"),
    > which is used by a large majority (roughly 80%,
    > maybe closer to 90%) of the Norwegians.
    > Interpreting them as the minority language variant
    > "Nynorsk" ("nn_NO") is wrong, anyway. That would be
    > like interpreting "en" as Canadian or Australian
    > English. (Or like telling the Americans that "en"
    > should be interpreted as "en_UK", which seems pretty
    > obvious to many Europeans..)

    Actually I don't think Ukrainian English is very
    ovious even in Europe (-;

    > The minority of Norwegians that use "Nynorsk" may
    > however see it the opposite way. Anyway, the
    > old "no" dictionary is based on "Bokmaal".
    > Ideally, if ispell and enchant permit it, "no_NO"
    > and "no" could be interpreted as the union
    > of "nb_NO" and "nn_NO".

    ISO 639 has a few idosyncrasies like this but they're
    not noticed often since they're in less famous
    "no" is a leftover meaning vaguely "Norwegian". Since
    there are two Norwegian languages, I would suggest
    either make "no" an alias for "nb" since that is the
    majority language and "no" spellcheckers in the past
    have had Bokmal dictionaries.
    I agree that the ideal solution is to make "no" work
    with both especially since all the printed Norwegian
    dictionaries I can remember seening have all the words
    from both dialects.
    I also agree that making "no" an alias for "nn" is a
    complete mistake based on what I've read.

    My 2 cents...


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