Re: Commit: ispell and enchant support both nn and no

From: Torstein Sunde (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 23:01:30 EST

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    Dom Lachowicz wrote:

    > > But that is wrong. no_NO is the old name for nb_NO
    > > and NOT for nn_NO.
    > >
    > > Don't use 'no' - it is deprecated!
    > It isn't wrong; it's just outdated, and I say we'll
    > support it for now. Especially since it doesn't hurt
    > any code, performance, or otherwise.

    But it then would be appropriate to interpret "no_NO" and "no" as
    "nb_NO" ("Norwegian Bokmaal"), which is used by a large majority
    (roughly 80%, maybe closer to 90%) of the Norwegians.

    Interpreting them as the minority language variant "Nynorsk" ("nn_NO")
    is wrong, anyway. That would be like interpreting "en" as Canadian or
    Australian English. (Or like telling the Americans that "en" should be
    interpreted as "en_UK", which seems pretty obvious to many Europeans..)

    The minority of Norwegians that use "Nynorsk" may however see it the
    opposite way. Anyway, the old "no" dictionary is based on "Bokmaal".

    Ideally, if ispell and enchant permit it, "no_NO" and "no" could be
    interpreted as the union of "nb_NO" and "nn_NO".

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