Re: strings to .po

From: Marek Laane (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 16:03:14 EST

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    Ühel kenal päeval (esmaspäev, 26. jaanuar 2004 22:27) kirjutas Raphael Finkel:
    > I think .po can also handle the case where you want different
    > translations for the same msgid. Each of the places the msgid appears
    > generates a comment in the .po file. For example, the msgid "&Insert"
    > has three origins, labelled as
    > #. DLG_InsertButton
    > If you want to provide different translations, just split this entry
    > into two or three entries, each with the same msgid, but with different
    > msgstr values. I haven't tried this technique, but I think it will
    > generate multiple, different, lines in the .strings file. I also think
    > (with less confidence) that will preserve this split so you
    > can update your translations as new strings appear without worrying that
    > your old distinctions might disappear.
    > Raphael

    Are you really sure that can be done? It's just a case in Estonian where we
    have tradition to translate menu labels as nouns and text in dialog buttons
    as verbs in imperative.
    If one could split po-file messages, it would be really great but can somebody
    to assure it is safe to do so?

    Marek Laane

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