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From: Ismo Mäkinen (
Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 19:11:33 EST

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    besnik bleta kirjoitti 25.01.2004 kello 23:15:
    > Hi,
    > Sorry for not reporting them through Bugzilla, but I lack the experience
    > for
    > that.
    > I'm testing the last release, 2.0.3 on a Win2k machine, to see how
    > my sq-AL
    > translation works.
    > It runs considerably smoother than before. However, I saw that few
    > things
    > are not acting as they are supposed to:

    Just checked my new 2.0.3 Finnish translation. I hope these strings can help you.
    As I (foolishly) make my translations just using updated strings file
    I have hunted down many new and exciting AbiWord strings.

    > 1.View => Toolbars => follows with the four options in English.
    Try to change change these class AP strings:
    Just a note. My Finnish string is TB_Extra="Lisä" (View/Toolbars/4th)
    The last accented character (ä) isn't translated correctly. It is shown as
    two characters (like in Unicode). However, Tools/Preferences/Toolbars show
    the same toolbar name (in Finnish) correctly. Haven't made a bug report yet.

    > 2. In the right bottom of Status Bar "default" appears in English.
    I think you can't change that. Perhaps you could
    use hex editor to edit the executable? When you don't use vi or emacs key bindings
    default should be an empty string (or AbiKeys)?
    > 3. Insert =>Date and Time => follows with all the format options in
    > English,
    > like "Saturday, 11 january 2005;"
    You can't change that. Localisation doesn't work with this, at least not
    with my Finnish locale (Win95). Perhaps the most irritating feature?

    > 4. Format => Stiles => Create and Modify => Stiles => New => Remove
    > Properties from Stile brings you up untranslated options (bgcolor,
    > color,
    > font, windows, etc)
    These are the actual properties and values which AbiWord uses as a part of
    its file format. Perhaps you shouldn't translate these? As far as I know, you can't.

    > 5. All entries of kind "Some_kind List" at Format => Style => Create
    > and
    > Modify => List => All are shown in English.

    Do you have these class XAP strings? (sorry, values in Finnish)
    STYLE_BOXLIST="Luettelo (laatikko)"
    STYLE_BULLETLIST="Luettelo (täytetty ympyrä)"
    STYLE_DASHEDLIST="Luettelo (ranskal. viiva)"
    STYLE_DIAMONLIST="Luettelo (timantti)"
    STYLE_HANDLIST="Luettelo (käsi)"
    STYLE_HEARTLIST="Luettelo (sydän)"
    STYLE_IMPLIES_LIST="Luettelo (nuoli)"
    STYLE_LOWERCASELIST="Luettelo (pienet kirjaimet)"
    STYLE_LOWERROMANLIST="Luettelo (i, ii, iii, iv)"
    STYLE_NUMBER_LIST="Luettelo (numeroitu)"
    STYLE_SQUARELIST="Luettelo (neliö)"
    STYLE_STARLIST="Luettelo (tähti)"
    STYLE_TICKLIST="Luettelo (valintamerkki)"
    STYLE_TRIANGLELIST="Luettelo (kolmio)"
    STYLE_UPPERCASTELIST="Luettelo (isot kirjaimet)"

    > 6. View => Zoom dialog box shows "Preview" in English.
    Perhaps class XAP string

    > 8. Insert => Bookmark... dialog shows "Delete" in English.
    Try XAP string DLG_Delete="Delete"

    > 9. Insert => Symbol dialog appears with "Insert" button untranslated.
    try XAP string DLG_Insert="&Fut"

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