Testing release 2.0.3 on Win32

From: besnik bleta (besnikbleta_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 16:15:56 EST

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    Sorry for not reporting them through Bugzilla, but I lack the experience for
    I'm testing the last release, 2.0.3 on a Win2k machine, to see how my sq-AL
    translation works.
    It runs considerably smoother than before. However, I saw that few things
    are not acting as they are supposed to:

    1.View => Toolbars => follows with the four options in English.

    2. In the right bottom of Status Bar "default" appears in English.

    3. Insert =>Date and Time => follows with all the format options in English,
    like "Saturday, 11 january 2005;"

    4. Format => Stiles => Create and Modify => Stiles => New => Remove
    Properties from Stile brings you up untranslated options (bgcolor, color,
    font, windows, etc)

    5. All entries of kind "Some_kind List" at Format => Style => Create and
    Modify => List => All are shown in English.

    6. View => Zoom dialog box shows "Preview" in English.

    8. Insert => Bookmark... dialog shows "Delete" in English.

    9. Insert => Symbol dialog appears with "Insert" button untranslated.

    best regards

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