Re: AbiWord, the GPL, and MS Visual C Runtime

Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 17:10:13 EST

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    >> Although I think this issue has been brought up
    >> before, please let me know
    >> how you read the GPL text and your view on the use
    >> of MS VC's RT DLLs,
    >> distribution of the CRT DLLs to end users, and the
    >> potential conflict with
    >> the gettext maintainers' desires.
    > Where do we use or distribute gettext? AFAIK, none of
    > Abi (yet) uses it, so complying with the gettext
    > maintainers' desires is a non-issue and non-concern.

    I asked mg to look into into porting AbiWord to gettext. He dilligently
    openned a bug for it (5893) and on IRC he told me he'd made substantial
    progress for it. Nothing has been committed.

    I didn't realize that getext has these rather obnoxious clauses in it.

    It's seems to me that the spirit of the GPL is "if you need a lib to on a
    proprietry OS it's OK"

    I don't believe we should give up on Win95 in any case.



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