Re: AbiWord, the GPL, and MS Visual C Runtime

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 11:57:03 EST

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    > Although I think this issue has been brought up
    > before, please let me know
    > how you read the GPL text and your view on the use
    > of MS VC's RT DLLs,
    > distribution of the CRT DLLs to end users, and the
    > potential conflict with
    > the gettext maintainers' desires.

    Where do we use or distribute gettext? AFAIK, none of
    Abi (yet) uses it, so complying with the gettext
    maintainers' desires is a non-issue and non-concern.

    As for our distributing MSVCRT DLLs, say as you do on, I'm quite in favor of it. The MSVCRT DLLs
    are upgrades for major Win32 OS components -
    components that are normally distributed with the
    Win32 OS. These DLLs aren't distributed inside of our
    installers. As such, I don't think that they
    "accompany the executable", as our users must:

    1) Need these DLLs, which isn't true for all versions
    of Windows
    2) Download these DLLs separately from AbiWord
    3) Install these DLLs separately from AbiWord

    Therefore I hold that they don't violate this
    provision of the GPL.

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