Re: Are we ready for 2.0.3?

Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 17:16:41 EST

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    >> Thanks for the report. I agree it should be fixed but I think we don't
    >> need to hold up 2.0.3 for it.
    > I agree.
    >> Is the speed of changing languages in HEAD acceptible now?
    > It's not. At least in Win32, but I suspect that this happens in other
    > platforms. Just load a medium size document and change the language of the
    > whole document (select all the text, and change language). Let me know if
    > you
    > can reproduce it also.

    I'm sure it's an XP bug. It would be good to do a profile on it and see
    where the speed issues really are. I think this is related to paste
    slowness too. I think we do far too much redrawing during these manouvers.



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