Re: commit: Document server code for AbiCommand.

Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 16:11:46 EST

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    >> Oh cool! I didn't know about that. It will certainly
    >> get dobey off my back.
    >> This is just what he wanted.
    > Glad to be of help.
    > I do, however, question the rationale for thumbnailing
    > AbiWord documents. I don't think that a thumbnail
    > could possibly give sufficient context for
    > disambiguation between word processor documents, thus
    > making the thumbnails worthless (or worse, prohibitive
    > since they could cause confusion or reduce user
    > reaction times). It could also be quite a lengthy
    > process - documents like the RTFSpec take on the order
    > of 30 seconds to load and view. That's an unacceptable
    > time to generate a thumbnail. And since this is
    > probably being done in a Glib idle loop, we'll get the
    > document inside of a CPU idle period (a good thing)
    > and then hog the CPU until the conversion is done -
    > thus appearing to freeze Nautilus (a bad thing).
    > This sounds like a genuinely bad idea (tm). It's
    > probably not yours, but I still feel that this has to
    > be said.

    I definately agree that 30 secs for a preview is too long. I've been
    thinking about ways of substantially improving that. I think I'll give it
    a try soon. The idea is to only load the first page of the document for a
    preview. If it works, I'll implement code to (optionally) show previews of
    docs in the file-selector dialog. ie click on a file and see the first
    page as a preview (like we do for images but a much larger!). It should be
    almost instanteous.


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