commit (HEAD): toward uuid generator

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 19:20:46 EST

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    I am adapting some code from libuuid to create UT_UUID class; the
    first chunk is commited, but not included in the makefiles as there
    are a few platform specific issues.

    As it is, UT_uint64 is needed. I have added this to ut_types.h as
    generic unsigned long long; if it does not work on your platform,
    please change that to whater is needed (on win32 DWORDLONG). Should
    it turn out that we do not get long long support on some of our
    platforms, I will adapt the code.

    Further, need two new functions for which I added prototypes into

       UT_gettimeofday(struct timeval *tv);

    The former is needed because for the uuid's we need more precise time
    than time() provides.

    There is a #ifdef WIN32 definition of timeval which you can use if it
    is not defined for your platform, otherwise you might need to make
    sure the necessary #include is present

    I have created util/unix/ut_unixMics.cpp, which contains
    implementations for both functions; the UT_getEthernetAddress is
    straight from libuuid and has not been tested or even compiled; if
    someone could do that and then add it to the makefiles that would be

    I also created util/unix/ut_Win32Misc.cpp, which contains
    implementation of UT_gettimeofday(); the other fuction is

    Should this cause some unforeseen problems, feel free to #if 0 stuff.

    files: ut_types.h, ut_misc.h, ut_unixMics.cpp, ut_Win32Misc.cpp,


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