Re: some explanations about revisions and related stuff

Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 16:06:01 EST

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    > At 8:04 AM +0000 12/15/03, wrote:
    >>What I will do is to increase the version number (the id attribute of the
    >>last version record) for each save, but will only keep one version
    >>record for the entire ope/save session (so there will be gaps between
    >>the version id's in the table). This will prevent the size of the history
    >>record getting out of hand.
    > Why does it matter if the "history record gets out of hand"??
    > If the user keeps making changes, they may want to review each
    > change, when they made it, whether to keep it, etc.
    > Back in 1990, I designed a WP with integrated versioning.
    > very much like what you are implementing right now. What users liked
    > about the system was that they could, at any time, "roll back" to a
    > specific part. As long as the UI/UE for such a feature is easy to
    > understand and use - the backend can/should be very powerful.

    Yes. I fully agree with LDR here. I don't think it matters if the
    versioning history is huge. Having the ability to roll-back to a previous
    version of the document is a nice feature. Everyone loves "undo" :-)


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