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Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 07:47:39 EST

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    At 8:04 AM +0000 12/15/03, wrote:
    > > Think of "Save" as the equivalent of a "cvs checkin".
    >Except when you save the document, you also obliterate the previous

            NOT if the document contains the revision history, you aren't ;).

            As long as the full revision history is present, with the
    ability to later revert those changes - you haven't lost anything...

    >Now that I think of it, though, you could have a backup program
    >running in the background while you are working on the doc, and then
    >the backed up doc would have the same version number as a later
    >save from the same session with different content.

            There have been a number of commercial apps on Mac OS &
    Windows that implement version control this way - watch for things
    being saved and automatically diff/version them into a vcs of some

    >What I will do is to increase the version number (the id attribute of the
    >last version record) for each save, but will only keep one version
    >record for the entire ope/save session (so there will be gaps between
    >the version id's in the table). This will prevent the size of the history
    >record getting out of hand.

            Why does it matter if the "history record gets out of hand"??
    If the user keeps making changes, they may want to review each
    change, when they made it, whether to keep it, etc.

            Back in 1990, I designed a WP with integrated versioning.
    very much like what you are implementing right now. What users liked
    about the system was that they could, at any time, "roll back" to a
    specific part. As long as the UI/UE for such a feature is easy to
    understand and use - the backend can/should be very powerful.

            Again, the model, IMHO, should be "cvs for WP"...


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