Re: some explanations about revisions and related stuff

Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 03:04:51 EST

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    Hi Leonard,

    > > > Every time you save, the version number should be increased...
    > >
    > >I am not convinced about this.
    > I am ;).
    > Why shouldn't it increase the version number? You just
    > edited the document, therefore it's a new version of the document.
    > Think of "Save" as the equivalent of a "cvs checkin".

    Except when you save the document, you also obliterate the previous
    copy. Now that I think of it, though, you could have a backup program
    running in the background while you are working on the doc, and then
    the backed up doc would have the same version number as a later
    save from the same session with different content.

    The history section in the ABW doc looks something like this:

    <history version="5" time="xxx" edit-time="xxx" uid="xxxxxxx">
        <version id="1" time="xxx" edit-time="xxx" uid="xxxx" />
        <version id="2" time="xxx" edit-time="xxx" uid="xxxx" />
        <version id="3" time="xxx" edit-time="xxx" uid="xxxx" />
        <version id="4" time="xxx" edit-time="xxx" uid="xxxx" />
        <version id="5" time="xxx" edit-time="xxx" uid="xxxx" />

    What I will do is to increase the version number (the id attribute of the
    last version record) for each save, but will only keep one version
    record for the entire ope/save session (so there will be gaps between
    the version id's in the table). This will prevent the size of the history
    record getting out of hand.

    > What random number algorithm are you using ? Have you
    > considered a one of the ones for cryptographic purposes?

    We have UT_rand() function that Patrick Lam put in place a while back
    based on the GNU C lib. You will find more about it in the cpp source

    I am looking into adding some UT_UUID class for generation of proper
    uuids; I do not like using rands in their place.


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