Dear Abi 


My photo gallery from LinuxExpo

Here are all my pictures, organized in small sets, in the order I took them. I've tried to add captions to some of the more interesting pictures, but I missed more than I got. If you recognize yourself, and want me to add a caption, send me email.

Eric's presentation

Eric gave a cool talk called "Linux on the Desktop: Making it Happen."

Raster makes the introductions

Eric and audience

is that PowerPoint?

nah, it's free software

Q & A time with Eric

more Q & A for Eric

Back at the Booth

Unfortunately, that's the only talk I got to. We always need someone staffing the booth to demo and sell our stuff.

long-time developer of GNU Fortran, Craig Burley...

... and his wife

booth conversation

I want more bandwidth!

me with a funky Tux