Dear Abi 


Abi's Personal Home Page

Hi! My name is Abi, and I work for AbiSource, Inc. as an Open Source Evangelist.

My primary hobby is the promotion of Open Source applications. A lot of people don't believe that Open Source will ever make much impact on the desktop world, but I do. As an ant, I'm obviously familiar with how much can be done when lots of folks work together toward a common goal. :-)

People tend to ask me how my name is pronounced. I say it just like "Abby".

Travel Schedule and Speaking Engagements

I was with AbiSource at LinuxExpo, May 19-22. Check out my photo gallery! Before that, we were at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, March 2-4. Those photos are still online, too.

Next event: LinuxWorld Expo in August. See you there!

Dear Abi...

Got a question or a comment? You can reach me by email at abi@abisource.com. If you like, you can browse an archive of selected discussions I've had with others.