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Welcome to the AbiWord Wiki

Starting Points

A wiki is usually not organized as a coherent web site, instead it grows dynamically (and often haphazardly) as people recognize the need to add to it. So, how do you find things? There are a few recognized starting points—for the AbiWord wiki, the following places may be a good place to start:

  • AbiWordFAQ, which contains a lot of Frequently Asked Questions.
  • AbiWordDevelopment, for information on AbiWords development.
  • UserInterface, UI related notes
  • Google Summer of Code 2006, Projects from 2006 Abiword
  • Google Summer Of Code 2007, for USD$4500.00 grant from Google to work on Abiword
    • Annotations This page is the starting point for Ernesto Riveras Google Summer of Code project.
    • LibAbiwordDiet Rob is going to improve the libabiword build system and API.
    • OpenXMLImport Philippe Milot will create an import filter for the Office Open XML ".docx" file format (ECMA standard).
  • AbiWordSDK - As of AbiWord 2.5.0, AbiWord can be compiled to create a stand alone library. Within this library is AbiWidget which can be embedded in other applications and TableCreator which is a useful GtkWidget used to interactively create tables.
  • AbiWidget - A rich text canvas with all the power of the AbiWord layout and editting engines in addition to the import/export filters.
  • PyAbiWord - Python wrapper around the AbiWidget and TableCreator which can be easily used in any PyGtk application. It forms the basis of AbiWord OLPC writing activity.
  • AbiCollab - A new feature that allows immediate communication between different documents. This allows users to collaborate on document creation by enabling different users to immediately see changes in a shared document in real time.
  • Key Bindings - The most recent versions of AbiWord and libAbiWord allow programmers to change the keybindings via a an ascii description.
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