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PHP Example

The PHP example using AbiCommand floating around the web did not function for me using Fedora 13, PHP 5.3, AbiWord 2.8.6

It was missing line endings, and that resulted in concatenation of all of the commands and failure to load the file.

Here is the original example code:

 $handle = popen("/usr/local/bin/abiword --plugin AbiCommand 2>&1", "w");
 fputs($handle, "server");
 fputs($handle, "load /usr/local/apache/sites/Toronto.doc");
 fputs($handle, "save /tmp/toronto1.html");

Here is the corrected code with Linux-style line endings, a corrected "server" command (was missing an argument), using fwrite() instead of its alias fputs(), and closing the resource at the end:

 $handle = popen("/usr/local/bin/abiword --plugin AbiCommand 2>&1", "w");
 fwrite($handle, "server /tmp/abiword_errors \n");
 fwrite($handle, "load /usr/local/apache/sites/Toronto.doc \n");
 fwrite($handle, "save /tmp/toronto1.html \n");
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