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FAQ: Default Font


How can I start AbiWord with a given font and fontsize?


Modify the normal template (normal.awt) or create your own customized template, generally as follows:

  • Open a new AbiWord window
  • Choose Format -> Style from the menu, adjust the Normal style to the default font and size youd prefer
  • Repeat for other styles if desired
  • Choose File --> Save as from the menu, save the file as a template (normal.awt or <name>.awt of your own choosing--choose this in the lower right of the Save as window) in the default template directory--/usr/share/AbiSuite-2.2/templates in Linux, C:\Program Files\AbiSuite2\templates in Windows (adjust the AbiSuite version number if appropriate). _On Linux, an alternate location for your personal templates is ~/AbiSuite-2.2/templates._

To use the new template (if named other than normal.awt):

  • open a new file by clicking File -> "New using Template",
  • click on "Create a new document from a template", and
  • select the template you modified.

Unless specified otherwise, all new files opened are based on the normal template, so if you modify it, you can just open a new file and get the styles youve set. (If you modify the normal template, you should probably save a copy of the original before modifying it.)

You can experiment further from here. You can create templates with different names for different types of documents (letters (letter.awt), reports (report.awt), ...). You can create templates from existing documents (by, for example, deleting all but the styles--or leave "boilerplate" text in the template).


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