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FAQ: AbiWord Release Notes, AbiWord for HTML

Where are the Release Notes for AbiWord Releases

Q: I downloaded AbiWord a while back (like six months ago), and, like a typical user, I want to know why I should download the newest revision. Where do I find the release history so I know if its worthwhile updating several machines or not?

A: One way to find them is a Google search on [site:abisource.com abiword "release notes"]. Or, more appropriately, start at release notes.

It would probably be helpful to add an entry to the (left) menu on the abisource site.

Is AbiWord Good for HTML

Q: It seemed to me like AbiWord was using a lot of HTML tags directly...which makes me think that the correct role of AbiWord will be to create documents that look good when read as HTML or when printed on paper. (This is a definite tension in our organization right now; if it were my design I would solve it through a dual Stylesheet)

A: _Should be moved to another page, but initially I regard it as a sort of incidental question:_ Yes, IMHO, AbiWord should be able to (and can) create documents that look good in a web browser or when printed.

-- Main.EricChristenson - 29 Nov 2004


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