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You can compile AbiWord on Mac with the Cocoa front-end. If you want the X11/Gtk version, check the regular UNIX build, but you are on your own. It is not supported.



Firstly, download and install MacPorts ( that will be used to build the dependencies, that are:

  • cairo +quartz+no_x11
  • pango +quartz+no_x11
  • fribidi
  • libgsf +no_gnome
  • redland
  • wv +no_x11
  • enchant
  • boost

[outdated] AbiMacSDK

AbiMacSDK is a set of tools to build all at once the dependencies needed by AbiWord to build. If you use that, you likely don't need MacPort.

Build system

After compile all dependencies, just get the code from AbiWord's SVN, using:

svn co abiword


Once you have checkout the code, you can configure it.

Here is what I use

   ./ --with-darwinports --enable-maintainer-mode --disable-static --enable-debug --enable-plugins

Use --enable-debug only for developement. Deployment builds must not.

Making the bundle

DESTDIR=`pwd` make install will be created, you can move it to Applications directory and execute normally. The binary is not portable as it require the same libraries installed from the ports.

If all you want is test the latest binary change, do:

DESTDIR=`pwd` make install-data-am

This is way faster.

You must perform this before running AbiWord as lot of things are expected to be found within the bundle.

[outdated] Universal binary

Making a universal binary isn't supported yet.


There is two Xcode project available.

First, a Xcode project for use on MacOS X 10.4, called abixcode.xcodeproj. It does only build the application and relies on having the AbiMacSDK installed and the regular tree configure.

Second, an updated Xcode project for use on Mac OS X 10.6, called abixcode_macports.xcodeproj. It relies on having packages installed from MacPorts and is expected this folder structure:

   | - ./abiword
       | - ./src...
   | - ./abixcode
       | - ./abixcode_macports.xcodeproj

You can check out both from svn:

[outdated] Distributable image

For now we can not automatically make a self contained application bundle.

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