AbiWord v2.2.6 Released

This releases includes a massive list of changes and bugfixes all over the map, ranging from the MS Word importer to the MacOSX port to a nice bunch of fixed crasher bugs. We hope we didn't break something in the process[1].

This release is a bugfix release only. The changes from 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 include, amongst others:

  • Import TextBoxes from MS Word (finally!)
  • Fix various crashers relating to table editing, footnotes/endnotes editing, etc
  • A huge list of MacOSX specific fixes and changes (you rock Francis!)
  • ... and a lot more!
  • The full Changelog can be found here.

    All users are very much encouraged to upgrade to this new version.

    Main site: http://www.abisource.com/download/.

    More information
    Main site: http://www.abisource.com/.


       The AbiWord Development Team

    [1] If we did, blame uwog and his apparently non-working regression test suite :-)