Mailmerge in Windows98SE

From: Manuel Enrique Garcia Cuesta (
Date: Sun Jan 25 2004 - 07:05:15 EST

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            Dear all,

            Abiword version (binaries downloaded from sourceforge) is 2.0.3
    Launching the program from an MS-DOS session with

    abiword --merge=somefile.xml

    makes the program start, yet going to Insert --> Mail merge fields ...
    shows the expected dialog but no available fields to insert appear.
    The same procedure and xml file work as they should under FreeBSD
    4.9-STABLE (abiword 1.99.6).

            Item plus, trying to open the file from said dialog does
    get me the field list; it's just the command line method that
    misbehaves, as it seems.

            Any hint ?

                                                    Manolo García

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