spell-checking troubles

From: Marcel Pol (mpol_at_gmx.net)
Date: Fri Jan 23 2004 - 08:26:18 EST

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    I have some problems/questions about spell-checking.

    I use Mandrake cooker and Abiword 2.0.3. My locale is set to Dutch.
    When I use abiword with aspell-nl as only spellchecking available, the
    spellchecking works ok on a new document (test.abw).
    When I load a (Dutch) document (sparta.abw) with the language set to English,
    the spell-checking claims it is finished right away. Then when I change the
    language to Dutch, the spellchecker tells me the same, and it also sets the
    language back to English.
    When I change the language setting to Dutch and save the document, I still
    cannot use the spellchecker in the same way. Though it doesn't set the
    language back to English then.

    When I also install the aspell-en package, all the same things happen, with
    the exception that instead of saying the spellchecking finished, it gives me
    the English spellchecker.

    This is with abiword built against enchant.
    With the aspell build there is a difference. Upon loading the English document
    (sparta.abw) it tells me it can't find the English dictionary. (with just
    aspell-nl installed). For the rest everything happens the same.

    I hope this story is a bit clear. It's highly confusing to me :-)
    I have no real idea how it is to work though.

    So to sum it up (or in different words):
    When my system locale is Dutch, it sets the document language to Dutch as
    well, which is right. Spellchecking is functional.
    Loading a file with English language set, which doesn't have a spellchecking
    dictionary installed, results with the aspell build in an error message at
    startup, but not with the enchant build. Doing a spellcheck claims to have
    finished a successfull spellcheck. Setting the language of the document to
    Dutch, which has a spellchecking package still gives the English spellchecking
    language. And it sets the language back to Dutch on an unsaved file. On a
    saved and reloaded file it doesn't set it back, but still doesn't give the
    right spellchecking language.

    Marcel Pol

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