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Date: Sat Jan 03 2004 - 17:17:08 EST

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    There are some options in the preferences window that are greyed out.
    Are these future features, or do I not have them enabled?

    Toolbars - All "button style" items

    Language - "Save visual glyph shapes" - I'm guessing I don't need this
    with roman alphabet languages? - but I can't make it un-grey.

    Spelling - This is the one I'm the most worried about; the following
    are grey: Hide spelling errors in the document, Always
    suggest corrections, Suggest from main dictionary only, Custom
    Dictionary (drop down list, and Dictionary button greyed), Ignored
    words. - I'm using the ispell dictionaries for English, Portuguese,
    and Spanish, and my wife uses German. Is this for a different
    dictionary type?

    Layout - under the "View" box: "All", and "Hidden Text"

    Preference Schemes - the Current Preferences Scheme is greyed out.



    Windows XP, AbiWord 2.0.2

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