Re: Stylist?

From: E. A. Zen <>
Date: Sat May 29 2004 - 20:49:11 CEST

On 29/05/04 16:24:03, Mark Gilbert wrote:
> How where and why did we get a stylist in AbiWord? As far as I can
> tell, that dialog is a list of styles, aka "style list". A stylist
> is a formatting wizard/druid (ala mspub's wizards) or a flamboyant
> hair dresser, not a list of styles.

Remember when you learned that the AWN was useful? So are the old

I googled for "stylist abiword"

I remember reading that for the first time and thinking I got it wrong,
but that's what Martin calls it.... It kind of works, etymologically
speaking; "do up" your hair, "do up" your document.

Bad MG, baaad.


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