From: Mark Gilbert <>
Date: Sat May 29 2004 - 23:24:03 CEST

How where and why did we get a stylist in AbiWord? As far as I can
tell, that dialog is a list of styles, aka "style list". A stylist is a
formatting wizard/druid (ala mspub's wizards) or a flamboyant hair
dresser, not a list of styles.

Have I missed something or was this just some accidental labelling that
managed to slip into our strings?
Is it too late to fix? If I have to be the one to make the changes
that's fine, but I do need to check with y'all first (if for no other
reason than that I've been out of the loop for a while).

It may sound pedantic but that string is indeed misguiding, it increases
the likelihood of mistranslation, and it is conceivable that we could
have a stylist (style wizard) in the future (albeit quasidistant).

<english-teachery stuff that can be ignored unless you want to argue>
In some sense, going strictly by a 1913 webster definition which defines
stylist as "One who is a master or a model of style, especially in
writing or speaking; a critic of style", you could argue that a dialog
which facilitates the choice of style is a master thereof, but I think
this is weak and in any case, still misguiding. If anything in abiword
is a master of style it would be the create/mod style dialog, which
facilitates not only the choice of style but also the creation and
modification thereof.
</english-teachery stuff that can be ignored unless you want to argue>

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