Re: PATCHES: For the source tree's README and COPYRIGHT files.

From: Marc Maurer <>
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 02:36:29 CEST

would any of this need backporting ?


Op wo 07-07-2004, om 01:44 schreef Mark Gilbert:
> All changes either committed, corrected and committed, or some
> variant thereon committed.
> I think the intent of Ryan's patch was simply to better indicate
> the new (not really, but new compared to that file) ownership,
> which has been known to elude the knowledge even of active devs
> (see the recent thread about it from Jordi for an example).
> However, the new text submitted is simply incorrect.
> <verbose text about how so deleted for readability's sake>
> Anyway, what I did was (try to) indicate Dom's position, but
> without (afaik) changing the essence of the paragraph to
> something it isn't. Again, IANALOD [Or Dom]. Dom: please
> review the new wording; if it's wrong, please fix it or
> tell me how to fix it or revert it or tell me to revert it.
> Anyone else: if you see a problem, please send a corrective
> patch to the list (or a message asking me to revert it) and
> I'll leave it up to Dom.
> Also, regarding the instance of the word "use" (as opposed
> to "distribution") pointed out by Rui, I haven't touched it.
> I don't doubt Rui, I'd simply rather defer (again) to dom and
> the ghosts of the past. I don't mind making the change if
> given approval and asked to, get the idea.
> Sorry about all the nitpicking, but I'm sure you're used to it by now
> (-:
> Thanks Ryan
> -MG
> (oh, and yes, I unix2dossed it before committing)
> On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 16:21, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> > Attached find 2 diff -u's for documentation files in the HEAD source
> > tree. To the best of my knowledge, the changes can be made in Stable
> > too, but I'll let someone with more experience decide that for sure.
> > readme.diff is for abi/README.TXT, and copyright.diff is for
> > abi/COPYRIGHT.TXT. I've not dos2unixed them because the original text
> > files appeared to be using dos endlines (they look normal in Win
> > Notepad, and unix endlines show up as blocks).

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