Re: PATCHES: For the source tree's README and COPYRIGHT files.

From: Mark Gilbert <>
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 01:44:37 CEST

        All changes either committed, corrected and committed, or some
        variant thereon committed.
        I think the intent of Ryan's patch was simply to better indicate
        the new (not really, but new compared to that file) ownership,
        which has been known to elude the knowledge even of active devs
        (see the recent thread about it from Jordi for an example).
        However, the new text submitted is simply incorrect.
        <verbose text about how so deleted for readability's sake>
        Anyway, what I did was (try to) indicate Dom's position, but
        without (afaik) changing the essence of the paragraph to
        something it isn't. Again, IANALOD [Or Dom]. Dom: please
        review the new wording; if it's wrong, please fix it or
        tell me how to fix it or revert it or tell me to revert it.
        Anyone else: if you see a problem, please send a corrective
        patch to the list (or a message asking me to revert it) and
        I'll leave it up to Dom.
        Also, regarding the instance of the word "use" (as opposed
        to "distribution") pointed out by Rui, I haven't touched it.
        I don't doubt Rui, I'd simply rather defer (again) to dom and
        the ghosts of the past. I don't mind making the change if
        given approval and asked to, get the idea.

Sorry about all the nitpicking, but I'm sure you're used to it by now

Thanks Ryan

(oh, and yes, I unix2dossed it before committing)

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 16:21, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Attached find 2 diff -u's for documentation files in the HEAD source
> tree. To the best of my knowledge, the changes can be made in Stable
> too, but I'll let someone with more experience decide that for sure.
> readme.diff is for abi/README.TXT, and copyright.diff is for
> abi/COPYRIGHT.TXT. I've not dos2unixed them because the original text
> files appeared to be using dos endlines (they look normal in Win
> Notepad, and unix endlines show up as blocks).
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