Re: Very short GUADEC overview

From: Marc Maurer <>
Date: Sat Jul 03 2004 - 01:02:26 CEST

> > - I myself worked on bug 2365 when not attenting any talk.
> (bug 2365: AbiWord needs 'view codes'
> i'd be interested to hear more, even being able to fire off an external
> (xml) editor like gvim/conglomerate and have abiword react to the changes
> could be very powerful)

Editing will all be 'inside' abiword, allowing you for example to delete
tags by moving your cursor just in front of a tag, and hitting 'delete'.
Normal text editing will also be allowed.

Sample: consider having a large paragraph (1+ page) with bold and italic
properties. When you currently want to remove, say, the bold property,
you have to select the whole paragraph, and hit the 'bold' toolbar
The new view (will) allow(s) you to just move before the [bold> tag, and
hit delete. It's quite convenient actually... deleting a whole table
with nothing more than 1 keystroke is nice.

> You deserve it. Glad things went well.

  Marc Maurer
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