Very short GUADEC overview

From: Marc Maurer <>
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 20:45:24 CEST

Hi All,

Since some of you couldn't be at GUADEC, here is a very short overview
of what we did:

Some of the more fruitfull things:

- Martin showed of the new features of AbiWord, which was (despite some
techinal difficulties *), quite successfull.

- We convinced Luca (the guy hacking on GtkMathView, a MathML rending
widget**), to seperate out the rendering part, removing hard the Gtk
dependency, and using AbiWord's graphics classes to render the math.
So, with a bit of luck, AbiWord 2.4 will depend on a nice cross platform
libmathview library, providing MathML support.
All work towards this goal will be done in the ABIMATH branch.

- I myself worked on bug 2365 when not attenting any talk.

*) Two machines were used to do the demonstration, since only 1 of the
laptops we could find worked with the projector installed. Since the
presentation was made in AbiWord, and Abi was not on the laptop
connected to the projector, I booted my laptop, set up a wireless ssh
connection tunneling X between the 2, and started AbiWord :-P Beat that


Expenditures on my part:

800 NOK for plane ticket
60 NOK for a taxi for Martin and me
320 NOK for pizza the 1st day for Martin and me (yes, that is expensive)
800 NOK for dinner with Martin, Luca (MathView guy) and Daniel Glasseye
(or something like that, sorry :)

Totaling 1980 NOK, which is about 247.5 EUR. Since I received 249 EUR
from the AbiFund, I must say my maths are still top notch.

Thanks to all people donating to our AbiFund to make this possible.


Marc Maurer <>
Received on Fri Jul 2 20:28:18 2004

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