Re: strings to .po

From: Raphael Finkel (
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 15:41:46 EST

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    If you directly edit .strings, if somebody does update to generate a .po
    file, that file will have *none* of your strings. There will be no
    error notice.

    If, however, you use my, you can create a .po file from
    your .strings file that contains your work, and others can add to that
    work and generate the .strings file from the .po by using But if you have given two different translations for
    the same msgid, I doubt my program will work right, and
    I am sure that will refuse to work.

    In short:
            source .h files -> initial .po file: use --pot
            .po file + source .h files -> updated .po file: use
            .po file -> .strings file: use
            .strings file -> .po file: try my
            source .h files + .strings file -> updated .strings file: I have no program


    > But if I've edited directly strings and someone after that generates
    > PO-file what will he get? PO-file with errors? Or doesn't he get
    > anything at all? In that case nobody can easily correct errors but
    > me...

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