Re: strings to .po

From: Marek Laane (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 16:25:23 EST

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    Ühel kenal päeval (esmaspäev, 26. jaanuar 2004 23:14) kirjutas Karl Ove
    > Marek Laane <> wrote in
    > > If one could split po-file messages, it would be really great
    > > but can somebody to assure it is safe to do so?
    > It is *not* safe to do. The 'msgid's in PO files should be unique,
    > and several tools expect them to be so (including PO editing
    > tools). There are solutions to this (typically using some sort of
    > prefix notation on the 'msgid's, such as 'File|New'), but they're
    > not very elegant ... :/

    Then solution in those cases is to edit strings? But when strings are same in
    English but translations are different then what happens in generated
    po-file? (Conflict? How to resolve?)

    Marek Laane

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