Re: Removal GR_Graphics::xorLine and GR_Graphics::xorRect

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 01:07:03 EST

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    According to J.M. Maurer <>:
    > > I'm about to wipe out GR_Graphics::xorLine() and GR_Graphics::xorRect()
    > > from the HEAD codebase. This involved rewriting the image resize and the
    > > ruler code. I did this by storing the image before drawing, and
    > > restoring it to erase. It works on MacOS X. It should work, as the
    > > change is XP.
    > This is/was _so_ damn terrible slow! That was my 1st try, and I quickly replaced
    > it with the xor stuff... It made image resizing unusable on my 400 Mhz laptop :-/

    Unfortunately on MacOS X it is at least the same if not faster. But I
    checked on my 240MHz PPC Linux, and it is damn too slow.

    > ... or did you do something I didn't think of?

    I'm gonna switch to Plan B. I'll explain later as I have to plan it :-)

    Thanks for picking up my curiosity. I was about to screw everything up.


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