ATTN: AbiWord 2.0.3 Tagged / Tarballs Up / Tree reopened

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 22:26:43 EST

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    AbiWord 2.0.3 Tagged - STABLE tree open again. Jup, that's it. New stuff
    has to wait until 2.0.4.

    Tag Name: release-2-0-3

    Tagged Modules: abi abidistfiles abiword-docs abiword-plugins expat
    fribidi libiconv libpng nsis popt wv zlib

    Packagers, scramble to make some nice packages! Furthermore, we need
    some release notes, and a ChangeLog (I'll do this one tomorrow I

    Tarballs uploaded to SF:

    aa97aec08c353356dcb95b7634b56e9d abiword-2.0.3.tar.bz2
    560c80f8f0b013ec2a5b950c7e150c14 abiword-2.0.3.tar.gz

    Will update later, when we have some packages as well.
    I'll build the RH8 and RH9 ones. Rui can do the FC1 ones I hope.

    Have fun!

    Marc Maurer <>

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