Re: Questions about the Windows installer

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 07:49:26 EST

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    >Is this the dictionary name or the name of the filename of the dictionary?

    That's an interesting question...
    Now I remember another reason for all that macro magic,
    it appears they are one and the same (well the dictionary
    name is morphed into the filename). Agh, since I wanted
    to make these names localizable anyway; I guess I will
    be making these localizable sooner than I expected. Actually
    it will be pretty easy after some thought.
    If things work out as I expect, to change an existing
    dictionary (new file size, new filename, etc) then only
    abi_dict_list.nsh will need to be edited [same as current],
    with no changes to it are necessary (other than reverting
    the patch I just committed). The name of dictionary as
    displayed will now be localizable, however this means that
    to add or remove a dictionary, at minimal in addition to
    adding/removing the entry in abi_dict_list.nsh, the same
    must be done in abi_lng_English.nsh and any other translations.
    This will mean that full native repreprentation is
    possible when installing using that language, and better
    names can be used (ie "English U.S." / "English British"
    instead of "American" / "English" [or as actually done, special
    case support for American English]).

    Thanks for the reminder about filenames!

    Note to self, try this
    $(dict_${LANG_NAME}) ; in abi_dict_misc
    ${LSTR} dict_English "English (GB)" ; in abi_lng_*
    ${LSTR} dict_American "English (US)" ; in abi_lng_*

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