Re: Questions about the Windows installer

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 06:02:08 EST

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    >Subject: Questions about the Windows installer
    >From: Karl Ove Hufthammer <>
    >I haven't been working on my Norwegian Nynorsk localisation of
    >AbiWord for some time, but I'm now ready to continue where I left
    >First I need to change some strings in the Windows installer
    >(which looks very nice, BTW), but I can't seem to find it in CVS.
    >Where is it located?


    After this weekend, also look for abi_lng_Norwegian.nsh

    Any of the strings in abi_lng_English.nsh can be
    localized by defining the corresponding string in
    the appropriate abi_lng_<language>.nsh file.
    Most, if not all, standard NSIS strings should already
    have proper translations. I would like to make
    translating these strings as easy as possible for
    our translators, so I will attempt to do any suggested
    actions to make these strings more accessible.

    >The strings I'm thinking of are the descriptions of the Norwegian
    >dictionaries. Why are some of the descriptions in English
    >(e.g. 'Danish' and 'Hungarian'), and some in the language of the
    >dictionaries themselves (e.g 'Español' and 'Français'), BTW?

    Right now, the dictionary names can not be localized (same
    name is used regardless of which language the rest of the
    installer uses), so I think it makes most sense that it
    should use the name as expressed in the language the dictionary
    is for. Some are in English because I don't want to guess
    what that name should be, whereas the English ones were already

    >To whomever manages the Windows installer, could you please change
    >the strings:
    >'nb-NO Norsk'
    >'nn-NO Nynorsk'
    >to either:
    >'nb-NO Norwegian Bokmål'
    >'nn-NO Norwegian Nynorsk'
    >'nb-NO Norsk (bokmål)'
    >'nn-NO Norsk (nynorsk'
    >(Depending on whether English or Norwegian descriptions are
    >preferred. And yes, the different capitalisation and parenthesis
    >use is intentional.)
    >Thanks in advance!
    >Karl Ove Hufthammer

    Done, I just saw your patch (Thanks!), the rest of it still
    needs to be applied. I haven't updated my abi tree in a week
    or two, so hopefully someone else will be kind enough to commit the rest of it; otherwise I will do so after I cleanup my NSIS
    MinGW work.


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