Re: Quick hello and a patch? if you want it.

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sat Jan 03 2004 - 17:19:31 EST

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    Commiting your patch to CVS HEAD. With future patches (yes you will make
    some more, you are hooked to abi programming now :), please send a diff
    to CREDITS.TXT as well with your name in it :)

    Btw: wouldn't using the "changed" signal be even nicer than "focus-out"?
    That way, the user would see the change immediately.

    > hmmm, I am not using cvs, this is from a .tar
    > download. I will start using cvs once I have decided
    > if I have the time to learn the abiword code, etc. But
    > until then hopefully this will do.

    Your patch was "reversed", so the cvs option would be nice :)

    Thanks for your input!

    Assume you want to print a range of pages when editing the ranges in the
    unix print dialog (patch by Nathan Bullock)
    CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    CVS: Enter Log. Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
    CVS: Committing in .
    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: ./src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixDlg_Print.cpp
    CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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