Re: Quick hello and a patch? if you want it.

From: Nathan Bullock (
Date: Sat Jan 03 2004 - 11:50:21 EST

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    hmmm, I am not using cvs, this is from a .tar
    download. I will start using cvs once I have decided
    if I have the time to learn the abiword code, etc. But
    until then hopefully this will do.

    I used diff -u for the attachment.


     --- Marc Maurer <>
    wrote: > Hi Nathan!
    > > Is this a feature you would want? If so here is a
    > > first attempt at a patch I am not sure if it is as
    > > pretty as it should be. Please give feedback, I
    > would
    > > like to start helping more if I can write good
    > enough
    > > code.
    > Yay, /me always loves people sending patches :)
    > But 1st: could you resend that patch as A) an
    > attachment, and not inline, and B) using "cvs diff
    > -u" , that'll make it a bit more easy to read.
    > Thanks!
    > Marc

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