Re: commit: cleanup and win32 MSVC make builders please read

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sat Dec 20 2003 - 06:35:31 EST

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    Eventually, but not yet.

    What I would like is to eventually switch stable 2 over as well,
    but _I'm_ not going to do this until I get all the MinGW quirks worked
    out. Once that happens I would like the current NSIS (v1) module
    to be tagged (NSIS_10 or whatever) in case anyone wants to use it
    or needs it to build the old 1.0.x series), and then merge the
    nsis 2 branch into the main branch for use by all (MSVC make &
    project build, MinGW, and possibly cgywin). I also do not want
    the NSIS_20 branch to become the main branch until NSIS 2 is
    officially released (its still in beta technically, but there
    are several features that our installer uses to make a better
    experience for end users).

    (There is also the I'm lazy factor and I will have to update
     my build computer when this occurs. Of course I'm going to
     be doing that soon for my upcoming AbiWord updater
     [aka nightly downloader]. So far all I've really done is
     write a cgi that extracts the VERSION from the binary [as
     my site is on a FreeBSD machine, it has to parse the PE file
     instead of using the simple Win32 calls to get this info].
     For the curious, my current setup requires me to update a
     text file that is uploaded with the build to get current
     version on my site. See for the
     cgi based VERSION extracter and forthcoming update support. )


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