commit: cleanup and win32 MSVC make builders please read

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sat Dec 20 2003 - 05:05:29 EST

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    This makes the HEAD build default to using the NSIS 2 based installer
    if you build with MSVC using make. If you want the old NSIS 1 based
    installer then you must add ABI_OPT_NSIS_20=0 to your make line.
    MSVC6 project building and I believe MinGW building are not changed.
    Warning! this means for the MSVC make build you must ensure you have
    checked out the NSIS_20 branch of the nsis module! or tell make to
    use the old NSIS 1 stuff. (If you don't then nsis will fail to create
    a proper installer, but otherwise should do no harm.)

    This can be backported to STABLE if so desired or not.

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    remove JPEG stuff since now a plugin and update MSVC make build to default
    to building with NSIS 2 based installer

    also removed some more of the old installer files from pkg/win/setup/


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